Queen Victoria Gothic Florin silver coin 1853 date ?

The British florin , or two shilling coin, was issued from until , with a final issue for collectors dated Valued at one tenth of a pound 24 old pence , it was the last coin circulating immediately prior to decimalisation to be demonetised, in , having for a quarter of a century circulated alongside the ten pence piece , identical in specifications and value. The florin was introduced as part of an experiment in decimalisation that went no further at that time. The original florins, dated , attracted controversy for omitting a reference to God from Queen Victoria ‘s titles; that type is accordingly known as the “Godless florin”, and was in succeeded by the “Gothic florin”, for its design and style of lettering. Throughout most of its existence, the florin bore some variation of either the shields of the United Kingdom, or the emblems of its constituent nations on the reverse , a tradition broken between and , when the coin featured a windswept figure of a standing Britannia. In , following the accession of George V , the florin regained the shields and sceptres design it had in the late Victorian Era , and kept that motif until , when the national emblems were placed on it. The florin retained such a theme for the remainder of its run, though a new design was used from , following the accession of Elizabeth II. In , prior to decimalisation, the Royal Mint began striking the ten pence piece. The old two shilling piece remained in circulation until the ten pence piece was made smaller, and earlier coins, including the florin, were demonetised.

1853 Victoria Gothic Silver Florin

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QUEEN VICTORIA GOTHIC Florin silver coin date? – £ FOR SALE! Queen Victoria Gothic florin silver coin as shown in the.

Diameter is 28mm 1. Gothic type ‘B’. SCBC A proof was also issued in this year. Despite the fact that the Florin was introduced in as an early attempt at decimalisation it was one-tenth of a pound , the Florin uses Gothic script for the legend and has Queen Victoria dressed as she would have been in the middle ages! Even the date is in Roman numerals. It was based on the Gothic Crown of I’m not sure how many Victorians could read this coin, as about half of the country was illiterate in English at the time.

It is still a beautiful coin.

Great Britain 1851 florin

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Britain Key Date Silver Gothic Florin 2 Shillings Die Number 11 KM# $ FAST ‘N FREE. Watch.

Posted on: If you enjoy this website, and would like it to remain open, please make a donation to Kate Tattersall Adventures. Click here. In British currency went through a decimalization process pence in a pound simplifying notation, pricing, and spending. This article will provide a breakdown of the old monetary system, concentrating on the Victorian era and the various coins that existed and were used in Britain, and touch on those minted for colonial holdings.

There were changes during the s that will be included. I will not cover every facet of what is a vast subject. A replica penny, halfpenny, and farthing, of the smaller bronze sizes, displayed together for reference. The coins listed below are all depicted at the same size, so please refer to the descriptions for actual diameters. Note that the diameters of the least valuable denominations were minted in smaller sizes when the coins changed from copper to bronze.

Queen Victoria depicted in her Imperial State Crown, mourning crown, and diamond and sapphire tiara. The crowns featured on the coins throughout the Victorian era were St. Victoria withdrew from public life following the death of her husband in

1857 Florin

Discussion in ‘ World Coins ‘ started by lordmarcovan , Sep 10, Log in or Sign up. Coin Talk. I’ll never afford a Gothic crown, and a Gothic florin is out of reach right now.

Mint State Victoria Great Britain sterling silver florin or two shillings or 1/10 pound coin. NGC MS 62 Victoria Florin Great Britain Rare Date Sliver Coin NGC MS 64 Gothic Florin Victoria Great Britain Silver Coin (D).

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few Gothic Florins of any date achieve grades 80 or above, Ex- Roland Harris Collection London Coin Auction A Feb 28 Lot More coins like this.

The florin was introduced in as the first move towards decimalisation of the British coinage. This, the second issue, is known as the “Gothic florin” because of the use of Gothic lettering in the legend. Crowned bust of Queen Victoria facing left, the dress decorated with roses, thistles and shamrocks; at edge below the bust in small letters the artist’s initials W. Four crowned shields forming a cross around a rose, the shields bear the arms of England, top and bottom, Scotland at right and Ireland at left; between shields under arched canopy, two roses, a thistle and a shamrock; around above, One florin; around below, one tenth of a pound, in Gothic letters.

Coin Type Gothic Florin The florin was introduced in as the first move towards decimalisation of the British coinage. Composition: 0.

Victoria 1880 Florin

Lettering: Victoria d:g:britt: reg:f:d:mdccclxxvii. Crowned cruciform shields of England, Scotland and Ireland, national flower emblems in angles, legend around. Lettering: One florin one tenth of a pound. Obverse die varieties: KM Values in the table above are expressed in USD.

Victoria Silver Florin (Gothic Script – Date Illegible). EUR ; 0 bids; Postage not specified. 2d 18h left (Sunday, ); From United Kingdom.

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Great Britain 1871 ‘Gothic’ Florin (2 Shilling) NGC MS-64.

An extraordinarily rare coin, and possibly the rarest Victoria florin. This is the single graded example of this type by either PCGS or NGC, and just one of three total proof florins that have been graded by either firm. The last example of this type to have been sold at public auction was a full decade ago. That coin, sold by St. James Auction 2, 11 May , lot , was described as having a ‘small scratch behind head, otherwise about FDC.

Florin coins for sale from Coins specialising in a range of florin The Florin was a coin worth two Shillings, it was also sometimes known as a “two bob bit”. Item, Date, Description, Grade, Additional Desc, Price.

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Gothic Florin Coin Ring

Photographs shown may not be the actual coin and may differ in terms of grade, die numbers, design flaws and other minor details. Contact us if you require a photograph prior to purchase. Large bust of Queen Victoria, crowned, and with a long hair braid, wearing a dress richly embroidered with roses, shamrocks and thistles. The obverse inscription appears in gothic style script, in upper and lower case.

This in itself is quite unusual, in that most coin inscriptions are in upper case capitals only:.

The pictured ring is made from an Florin and the date is on the inner band as MCDCCCLXXII. Along with the date is a crown and Victoria DG BRITT F D.

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1870 gothic florin!!!!!!