“Help! How Will I Know When to Say the ‘L’ Word?”

On first dates, at gay book clubs, when meeting new colleagues — in pretty much any situation where you, an awkward lesbian, are trying to reach across the void and connect with someone else who has lesbianism, if not awkwardness, in common — The L Word is an easy bet. This is the only show, after all, to have ever focused so completely on lesbianism, to the extent that the world it created, made up of seemingly infinite queer women and, like, two men, was downright fantastical. Though some, particularly The Bisexual , deserve to! L Word creator Ilene Chaiken had floated the possibility of a revival for years. It feels like maybe it should come back. And why not? This would be a chance for the series to atone for some of its past sins, including its crappy attitudes toward trans and bi people , the dearth of butch characters and characters of color, and its increasingly off-the-rails plotlines. I, for one, would welcome it. Hers is the chaotic energy we need right now!!

“The L Word: Generation Q” Is Trying To Atone For The Original’s Sins

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. The series follows an ensemble cast of friends who live in West Hollywood , California ; it featured American television’s first ensemble cast depicting homosexual, bisexual and transgender people. The series theme song was performed by the band Betty. The L Word was co-created by Ilene Chaiken , Michele Abbot, and Kathy Greenberg; Chaiken served as the primary creator and executive director of the series, as well as a writer and director.

In an early episode of The L Word: Generation Q, the new reboot of Showtime’s Read: The slow, messy evolution of LGBTQ dating shows.

When I first put out a call on Twitter for folks who will be watching The L Word: Generation Q with their exes, I could not have anticipated the sudden onslaught of queer chaos that hit my DMs. This is not just a trend — but a movement. What a rich tapestry of messy queer life. The cat that my ex and I rescued together will be in attendance, along with our respective dogs that we each have adopted post break up. Is this an episode of The L Word? It absolutely is, as is most of my life. I will be watching with my ex, who I am still sleeping with and eating pasta with on a semi-regular basis.

Did you two watch the show together when you were dating?

Alice Pieszecki

Dana Fairbanks was a professional tennis player and a main character of The L Word. She is the only main character in the closet at the start of the series. She is portrayed by Erin Daniels. This latter girlfriend’s real name who Dana simply calls ” Ralph ” is never mentioned, since she is now famous and has chosen to remain closeted.

Generation Q Fills In The L Word’s Blind Spots While Saluting Its with Micah (​Leo Sheng), a gay trans man navigating the L.A. dating scene.

Well, something like themselves, at least. The characters on the Showtime series inhabited a soap-operatic bubble of West Hollywood full of big romances and bigger betrayals. They were almost entirely white, affluent, and oriented on the femme end of the lesbian spectrum. And the show could be ham-fisted and sometimes downright offensive in its portrayal of transgender and bisexual characters. Helmed by new showrunner Marja Lewis-Ryan though Chaiken is still involved as an executive producer , Generation Q catches up with three of the main players from the original series while also introducing a handful of new twentysomething characters.

The members of the old gang are now middle-aged and established in life, but as romantically fraught as ever. Finley Jaqueline Toboni , a production assistant on Alice , appears to be the lone white person in the group.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’ – Will Micah Get That Second Date with Jose?

Now that the show is back, 10 years after its original six-season run ended, the nationwide legality of gay marriage means much easier access to stories about engagements, weddings and divorces. Back in the s, for instance, the transgender character Max was depicted as miserable and an object of ridicule. Happily, the new showrunner, Marja-Lewis Ryan, is sticking with the common-sense-defying soap opera antics that made the original series a love-hate phenomenon that fans derided while obsessing over it.

The three returning cast members start off in fairly exalted positions, having spent their decade away from our screens working their way up the social ladder. The power lesbian Bette Jennifer Beals is campaigning to become the first female and first gay mayor of Los Angeles after heading its department of cultural affairs. She has sole custody of her daughter, Angelica Jordan Hull , now a headstrong teenager, and she hates anything having to do with opioids for reasons that are sure to be painfully personal.

Showtime’s television show “The L Word” () follows a fictional group of but then she goes to see Helena, the lesbian mother Tina began dating after.

The L Word returned with all the drama of the original six seasons on Showtime, plus exponentially more drama with the new generation of LGBTQ character. Micaa is a trans man as is the actor who plays him, Leo Sheng. Micah had a nice date with Jose Freddy Miyares but Jose had to cancel their second date. That sent Micah back to the dating apps for a quick hookup.

Playing Micah felt right to him because both he and Micah are Asian trans men. Sheng confirmed that much of the relationship drama Micah explores rings tue. Micah and Jose had a good first date. Jose bailing on their second was a setback, but why give up and go straight to dating app hookups? I think hooking up and dating are so different. I think what I love about this is we get to see two queer people of color, two queer men of color and one is trans, navigate dating and not have it be becuase the character is trans.

Shane McCutcheon

She is played by American actress Leisha Hailey. She was listed in AfterEllen. Alice is a journalist for LA Magazine.

Speaking of Alice’s relationship, is anyone else irrepressibly obsessed with Nat? It’s so telling of Alice to be dating this funny, adorably nerdy, high.

She recklessly fell in love with her best friend , a painful rite of passage every lesbian under the sun experiences at some point in their queer coming of age. She freely wept during yoga I once sobbed so loudly during Shavasana that I was gently asked to exit the studio. She self-medicated by throwing herself into the numbness of a booze and meaningless sex bender after Dana tragically died.

Alice grieved the loss of Dana like a real, raw human. Alice shamelessly loved the scene , the gossip , the sex , the celebrities like we all secretly do, no matter how cool or woke we pretend to be. She never tried to be cool. Cool is a straight jacket, and Alice moved freely. My mom would totally make out with Shane. She hated like hated when couples she loved cheated on one another.

She never lied. She was a true activist. A feminist. No matter the circumstance. Yes, Alice is famous now.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’: One Small Step for Queer-kind

Bette Porter, the onetime museum director played by Jennifer Beals, is now channeling her ruthless ambition into a mayoral bid, 10 years after the original show ended. Till the day he died, he called my partner—the woman that I love beyond measure—he called her my friend. As if our love was less than.

Polyamory typically gets a bad reputation on TV, with many non-monogamous dating dynamics made out to be negative, toxic, or the butt of a.

She never backs down from what she believes. Even Bette knows she’s a bit of an asshole, but many L Word fans—this writer included—wear their identification with her as a badge of honor. The polarity is so acute. She is both a very loving partner and maybe not the partner that you want. Kate [Moennig], Leisha [Hailey], and I are EPs on the new series, because we were all very active in getting the new show back.

We wanted to work together again and have that time and revisit the characters but also, we were aware that online, people were still engaged by The L Word. There were these new conversations about this new generation that refuses to let anybody define them. They are adamant about defining themselves and their sexual orientation. And we thought how fascinating it would have been to take those original stories of The L Word , that original gestalt of The L Word , with these new stories and these new energies.

I share probably the most in common with Dani [played by Arienne Mandi].

‘L-Word’ cast member defends dating man